Ching Ping Wong

Ching Ping Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Current Position:
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Current International Activities:
GEDC Member,

National / Regional / Global Interests:
Engineering Education, International Partnerships

Academic Leadership Experience:
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, 2010-Present
Regent's Professor and the Charles Smithgall Institute Endowed Chair,
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995 - 2009
AT&T Bell Laboratories Fellow, 1992

Areas of Research:
Polymeric Electronic Materials, electronic, photonic and MEMS Packaging and Interconnect, interfacial adhesions, and nano-functional materials
syntheses and characterizations.
Nano-Functional Material synthesis and characterizations, nano-composites such as well-aligned carbon nanotubes, graphene, lead - free alloys, flip-chip
underfill, ultra high k capacitator composites and novel lotus effect coating materials.

Selected Published Articles and Works:

- J. Wu, R. T. Pike, C. P. Wong, M. Tanielian, N. Kim, "Evaluation and Characterization of Reliable Non Hermetic Coformal Coating for Micro-electromechanical (MEMS) Device Encapsulation," IEEE Trans. on Advanced Packaging, 2000, 23 (4), 375-381

- C. P. Wong, Z. Q. Zhang, S. H. Shi, "Development of No-Flow Underfill Materials for Lead-Free Solder Bumped Flip-Chip Applications," IEEE Trans. on Components and Packaging Technologies, 2001, 24 (1), 59-66.

- C. P. Wong, S. Luo, "Effects of UV/Ozone Treatment on Surface Tension and Adhesion in Electronic Packaging," IEEE Trans. on Components and Packaging Technologies, 2001, 24 (1), 43-49.

- D. Lu, C. P. Wong, "Development of Conductive Adhesives for Solder Replacement, O IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies," 2000, 23 (4), 620-626

- S. Luo, C. P. Wong, "Study on Effect of Carbon Black on Behavior of Conductive Polymer Composites with Positive Temperature Coefficient," IEEE Transactions on Components and packaging Technologies 2000, 22 (1), 151-156.

Awards and Accomplishments:
IEEE CPMT Society Outstanding Sustained Technical Contributions Award in 1995
IEEE Third Millenium Medal, 2000
IEEE EAB Education Award, 2001
IEEE CPMT Society Exceptional Technical Contributions Award, 2002
Georgia Tech Class of 1934, Distinguished Professor Award, 2004
GT Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Advisor Award, the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing
Technology Field Award in 2006
Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Total Excellence in Electronic Manufacturing Award, 2008
IEEE CPMT David Feldman Award, 2009
Pennsylvania State University Outstanding Science Alumni Award, 2010

B. S. Electronic Engineering, Purdue University
Ph.D. Electronic Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
Post Doctoral Fellowship under Nobel Laureate Prof. Henry Taube
Stanford University