Sunil Maharaj

Sunil Maharaj
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and IT







Maiden name


First names

Bodhaswar Tikanath Jugpershad

Preferred name




Dean: Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and IT (EBIT),

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (EEC Eng.)



Dean: EBIT Faculty (1 Oct 2014 - )

SENTECH Chair in Broadband Wireless Multimedia Communications (BWMC) (2006- )








Field of study

Higher education institution



BSc Engineering


Univ. of Natal, Durban, South Africa


Physics I,

Numerical Methods,

Electronic Design,

Final Design Project.

Grinaker Electronics 2nd Prize for Design Project.

MSc Engineering


Univ. of Natal




Diploma in Project Management

Project Management

Damelin Management School



MSc in Operational Telecommunications


Univ. of Coventry, UK


Analytical Techniques for Telecomms,

The Telecomm Environment, Telecommunication Principles, Management of Telecomm. Projects,

MSc Degree (Merit Pass)

PhD (Electronic Eng)

 Wireless Communications

Univ. of Pretoria






Name of employer

Capacity and/or type of work


Siemens Limited, Johannesburg, SA.

Railway Signalling, Software Development for Automatic Train Routing System

1983/84 (Dec/Jan)

Vacation Work

Siemens Limited, Durban, SA.

PABX Maintenance and Installation


1984 (July) Vacation Work

Siemens Limited, Johannesburg. SA.

Market Research of Electronic Components


1984/85 (Dec/Jan) Vacation Work

Siemens AG, Munich, Germany

Research and Development and System Evaluation of SMD Devices


1985/86 (Nov-Jan) Vacation Work

University of Natal, Durban

Postgraduate Research Assistant


1987-1988 (Jan-Dec)

M.L. Sultan Technikon, Durban

Part-time Lecturer


1988 (July-Dec)

Electromagnetic Laboratory Pty Ltd

(EM-LAB), Hatfield, Pretoria, SA.

Microwave Design Engineer: Microwave/RF design, product development and integration.


1989-1991 (3yrs)

Transkei Technikon

Senior Lecturer, Associate Director


1 Jan 1992-  30 July 1993

Eastern Cape Technikon

Director: School of Engineering


 Aug. 1993 - Nov. 1994

Eastern Cape Technikon

Vice Rector Academic


Dec. 1994 – July 2000

University of Pretoria

Senior Lecturer


Aug 2000 – Dec. 2008

University of Pretoria

Associate Professor


Group Head: Telecomms and Signal Processing

Acting Head of Department

Head of Department: EEC Eng.


Dean of EBIT Faculty

January 2009 – Present

April 2006 – present

Jan. 2011 – present


1 May 2011 – 31 Dec.2011

1 Jan. 2012 – 30 Sept. 2014

1 Oct. 2014 - present


2.1      Courses/modules presented: UNDERGRADUATE


Level (second year, etc.)

Academic Institution

Degree/ Diploma

Compilation of study guides

(Yes or No)


Curriculum design

(Yes or No)

Systems Software


M.L. Sultan Technikon

ND Computer Science




Radio Engineering


Eastern CapeTechnikon


ND Elec. Eng.





Eastern CapeTechnikon


ND Elec. Eng.



Digital Systems


Eastern CapeTechnikon


ND Elec. Eng.



Telecommunications (ETK320)


Univ. of Pretoria


Electronic Eng.



Digital Modulation Systems (EMS311)


Univ. of Pretoria


Computer Eng.



Circuits (EBN121)


Univ. of Pretoria

Elec, Electronic and Computer



Innovation (ENV110, SNV111, SNV121)


1st and 2nd


Univ. of Pretoria

All in School of Eng.





2.2      Courses/modules presented: POSTGRADUATE








Compilation of study guides

(Yes or No)

Curriculum design

(Yes or No)

Introduction to Wireless Telephony (ECW 710)


Hons /Masters

Univ. of Pretoria

BEng Hons



Digital Radio Techniques

(ESR 732)

Hons /Masters


Univ. of Pretoria

BEng Hons



Research Project: Theory (EPT732)


Univ. of Pretoria

BEng Hons




3.1 Educational Publications and products


3.1.1 Development of Study Guide and learning materials for the undergraduate module, Digital Modulation Systems (EMS 311) when it was first introduced for the Computer Eng. Degree program.


3.1.2 Development of curriculum and Study Guide for postgraduate module, Digital Radio Techniques (ESR732).


3.1.3 Development of curriculum, Study Guide and website materials for Innovation (SNV111/121).


3.1.4 L. van Dyk, E. Horak, B.T. Maharaj, L. Liebenberg and L. Barlow, “Project based learning: Lessons learned from Innovation 110”, African Regional Conference on Engineering Education (ARCEE), 26-27 September 2006, Pretoria, CDROM. (authored a section in the paper)


3.1.5 INNOVATION Project Competition. First to develop and champion Innovation Projects Competition in School of Engineering, which ran successfully for 6 years.



4.1 Membership of national and international bodies (teaching associations or societies)


4.1.1 Member on Judging Panel for SABS Design Institute Prototype Awards (2005 and 2006)

4.1.2 NRF Research and DTI THRIP Program - evaluator of Grant Proposals.

4.1.3 Invited by NRF to be on South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChI) Panel for ICT proposals, 2011.

4.1.4 University of Pretoria Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) (March 2012 - )




7.1          Publications in peer-reviewed or refereed journals


7.1.1    Published in peer-reviewed or refereed journals (DHET and/or ISI accredited)

1.    B.T. Maharaj, J.W. Wallace, L.P. Linde, M.A. Jensen, “Frequency Scaling of Spatial Correlation from Co-located 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz Wideband Indoor MIMO Channel Measurements”, IEE Electronics Letters, vol. 41, no. 6, March 2005, pp 336-338.


2.    B.T. Maharaj, J.W. Wallace, L.P. Linde and M.A. Jensen, “Linear dependence of double directional spatial power spectra at 2.4 and 5.2 GHz from indoor MIMO channel measurements”, IEE Electronics Letters, vol.41, no. 24, November 2005, pp1338-1340.


3.    B.T. Maharaj and L.P. Linde, “Geometric modeling of a spatially correlated MIMO fading channel”, SAIEE Africa Research Journal, vol. 97, no. 2, June 2006, pp 191- 197.


4.    B.T. Maharaj, J.W. Wallace, L.P. Linde and M.A. Jensen, “A low cost open-hardware wideband MIMO wireless channel sounder”, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, October 2008, vol. 57, No. 10 , pp. 2283-2289.


5.    B.B. Varghese and B.T. Maharaj, “Modeling of a spatially correlated MIMO wireless channel”, SAIEE Transactions: Africa Research Journal, vol. 100(1), March 2009.


6.    F.P.S. Luus, A. McDonald  and B.T. Maharaj, “Universal Decremental Redundancy Compression with Fountain Codes”. SAIEE ARJ Journal, vol.101(2), pp.68-77, June 2010.


7.    O. Sokoya and B.T. Maharaj, “Super-Orthonognal Block Codes with Multi-channel equalization and OFDM in FSF”, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, vol. 2010, article ID 153846, 10 pages, August 2010.


8.    F.P.S. Luus and B.T. Maharaj, “Transmission Scheduling for Wireless Mesh Networks with Temporal Re-use”, EURASIP Journal, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2011, 2011:84 doi:10.1186/1687-1499-2011-84, September 2011.


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12.  J.C. Pretorius and B.T. Maharaj, “Improvement of EMW shielding through inclusion of electrolytic manganese dioxide in cement and tile based composites with application for indoor wireless communications systems”, International Journal of Physical Sciences, vol. 8(8), February 2013, pp. 295-301.

13.  S. Zhang, L. Tang, F. Yang and B.T. Maharaj, “LDPC coded cooperation with receive multi-antenna and unknown CSI in the destination”, Springer Wireless Personal Communications, vol. 70, 2013, no. 3, pp. 1-19.


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15.  F.P.S. Luus, F. van den Bergh and B.T. Maharaj, “The effects of segmentation based shadow removal on across-date settlement type classification of panchromatic quickbird images”, IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, vol. 6, no. 3, June 2013.


16.  R. Thomas, B.T. Maharaj, B. Zayen and R. Knopp, “Multiband time-of-arrival positioning technique using an ultra-high-frequency bandwidth availability model for cognitive radio”, IET Journal on Radar, Sonar and Navigation, vol. 7, no. 5, June 2013.

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19.  P. Jansen van Vuuren, B.T. Maharaj and A.S. Alfa, “Fair Rate Adaptation for Wireless Mesh Networks using Data and VoIP Traffic”, Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks, in review, 2013.


20.  O. Sokoya and B.T. Maharaj, “Analysis of SOSTTC-OFDM based on Least Squares Method”, Elsevier International Journal of Electronics and Communications, in review, 2013.


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1. Grinaker Electronics Ltd. 2nd Prize for Best Final Year Design Project entitled, “The design and development of 2-4 GHz Log-periodic Dipole Antenna”. Undergrad. Design Project, Univ. of Natal, 1986.


2. Letter of recognition for outstanding proposal for NRF Grant application (Thutuka Program).


3. D.J. Louw, P.R. Botha and B.T. Maharaj, A low complexity soft-input-soft-output MIMO detector which combines a sphere decoder with a Hopfield network” one of top 6 from 31 papers selected in IEEE Region 8 across 21 sections and 27 Branches of IEEE, February 2010.


4. Second Prize in IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Student Research Paper Competition. Only one from Africa to be selected onto shortlist. April 2010.


5. South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) BEST Journal Article for 2009 winner.


6. The DTI 2010 Technology Award Winner in THRIP Advanced Hi-Tech Category for work in Broadband Wireless Communications.


7. IEEE Outstanding Paper Award Winner in 2011 for paper by K. Dhuness and B.T. Maharaj, “A cognitive radio application of OM-OFDM for implementation in DVB-T2” at IEEE Africon 2011 Conference.


8.  SATNAC’13 conference. Third paper Prize for paper with student S.D. Barnes titled, “An Occupancy Window Approach to Primary User Traffic Modelling for Cognitive Radio”


9. Winner of DTI 2013 Technology Award in THRIP Advanced Hi-Tech Category for Research work in Broadband Wireless Communications.