EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016: Applications Open

The EU Prize for Women Innovators has been awarded twice, once in 2011, when Germany's Gitte Neubauer (co-founder of CELLZOME) received the First Prize. In 2014, Saskia Biskup, co-founder and CEO of CeGaT GmbH, won first prize. The European Commission is seeking another inspiring female innovator to win the €100,000 prize.

A second prize of €50,000 and third prize of €30,000 will also be awarded. In order to apply for the prize, applicants must be living in an EU state or a country associated to Horizon 2020 and have either founded or co-founded their company.

Applications are due 20 October 2015 at 12:00 GMT+1. 

For full details, or to apply, please visit the EU Commission's website.