University of Notre Dame and GE Annual Partnership Engages Girls in STEM

Local sixth through ninth grade girls spend a week on the University of Notre Dame campus programming LEGO robots, creating a smart phone app, making their own lip balm, producing a 3D print, and designing and testing Alka Seltzer rockets, and other activities as part of the fourth annual GE [email protected] Dame summer camp.

The day camp, which takes place on 16 college campuses throughout the country, is designed to introduce middle school girls to STEM activities, with the goal of encouraging them to pursue careers in science and technology ( The event, which just completed its fourth year at Notre Dame, is sponsored by General Electric and put on in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame and GE.

Each year, girls from South Bend’s Brown, Navarre, Jefferson and Jackson schools participate in the camp with over 40 students attending in the 2017 offering. Workshops are led by GE personnel and Notre Dame faculty and offered under each day’s “theme,” including construction/civil engineering, programming, electrical & physics; aerospace/aviation; and chemistry.

Each year’s camp also features an Alumni Day during which girls who previously attended the camp will return and participate in activities. In 2017, the first high school counselor, a student who fist attended the camp in 2015, attended the camp for the full week and led her own engineering activity.

GEDC Chair Peter Kilpatrick serves as Dean of